Broadcast Programs
Economic Freedom in Action: Changing Lives
Presented by Swedish author, commentator, and Cato Senior Fellow Johan Norberg, this program features stories of economic freedom in action in Zambia, South Korea, Slovakia and Chile.
Europe's Debt: America's Crisis?
Four investigative reports, shot on location in Greece, Brussels, California, and Washington, DC, highlight this in depth examination of Europe’s current debt crisis and its connection to the U.S. economy.
Free or Equal
In 1980, economist and Nobel Laureate Milton Friedman inspired market reform in the West and revolutions in the East. Thirty years later, Swedish author Johan Norberg travels in Friedman's footsteps to see what has actually happened in the places Friedman's ideas helped transform.
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Free To Choose: The Original 1980 TV Series
Free To Choose® is the ground-breaking PBS television series featuring Milton Friedman, Nobel Prize-winning economist. These programs, filmed on location around the world, have helped millions of people understand the close relationship between the ideas of human freedom and economic freedom.
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Free To Choose: The Updated 1990 TV Series
In 1990, Free To Choose® was updated to five volumes. Each episode features an introduction by a well-known figure followed by a documentary. All episodes include an updated discussion forum that immediately follows the documentary.
Globalization at the Crossroads
Globalization at the Crossroads features renowned Peruvian economist and author, Hernando de Soto. His twenty years of research show that economies prosper only in places where widespread personal property ownership exists—coupled with inclusive, efficient, and transparent business and property law.
India Awakes
India is coming alive and flourishing economically. This program follows three individuals who are working to improve their lives, and in doing so, are breaking down the centuries old caste system. India Awakes reveals the enormous power of unlocking human potential and ambition.
Is America in Retreat?
This program examines the hard questions American foreign policy leaders face in dealing with a rapidly changing world order. A militarily aggressive Russia and China, along with deteriorating conditions in the Middle East, are forcing the greatest foreign policy debate of our decade.
Power to the People
As developing countries escape poverty and march toward prosperity and better lives, more people than ever are using energy—to power their homes, schools, hospitals, and businesses, and connect to the global economy. But how will we provide more energy while still protecting our environment?
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School Inc. - A Personal Journey with Andrew Coulson
Why doesn’t education use innovation to grow like a successful business? This three-part series follows the late Andrew Coulson, as he sets out on a worldwide personal quest for an answer to this question.
Sweden: Lessons for America?
It’s been suggested that Americans would be better off if they were more like Sweden. As Sweden: Lessons for America? finds out, the lessons to be learned may not be the ones you expect.
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Testing Milton Friedman
Testing Milton Friedman, hosted by award-winning veteran journalist Emily Rooney with a distinguished panel of two Friedman advocates and two challengers, presents a lively discussion and debate on Friedman’s still-provocative ideas in each of these three hour-long programs.
The Power of Choice
Teacher, scientist, author, intellectual, and winner of the 1976 Nobel Prize in Economics, Milton Friedman was one of the 20th century's greatest proponents of free markets and individual liberty. The Power of Choice tells the story of his life.
The Power of the Poor
The story of how one man's ideas, together with a dedicated army of lawyers and activists, defeated the guns and bombs of Peru's Shining Path. Hernando de Soto and his team of researchers found that the majority of Peru's entrepreneurs had been locked out of the legal system.
The Price of Peace
How do we prevent war? How great a price are we willing to pay for peace? Can we use the lessons learned throughout history to extend peace into tomorrow? This program investigates the use of deterrence and appeasement in an era of rogue nations and nuclear proliferation.
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The Real Adam Smith
In two hour-long programs, noted author, economic analyst and Cato Institute Senior Fellow Johan Norberg examines Adam Smith’s 18th century ideas and their relevance to our 21st century global marketplace today.
Trailblazers: The New Zealand Story
Thirty years ago New Zealand was on the verge of economic collapse. Today, the country is a driving force in international trade, economic leadership, and healthy environmental practices.
The Ultimate Resource
This new and exclusive documentary looks at the "before and after" lives of individuals and families, exploring some of the surprising, innovative initiatives and trends at work in unlikely places around the world.
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Turmoil & Triumph: The George Shultz Years
A rare, close-up look at this remarkable man who served his country at the highest level during an unforgettable time. Each of the three programs will offer a never-before-seen look at the inner workings of the Reagan White House.
Unlikely Heroes of the Arab Spring
Presented by the award-winning author and property-rights activist Hernando de Soto, this public television special presents, for the first time, the basic human and economic events that led to the Arab uprisings in the Middle East and North Africa.
Walter Williams: Suffer No Fools
An engaging portrait of the iconoclastic black American author, educator, and syndicated columnist, whose views on race and economics have made him one of the nation’s most original, provocative, and often controversial voices.
Work & Happiness: The Human Cost of Welfare
Meet real people whose dreams and aspirations are defined and confined by a well-meaning system that provides assistance but forgets the human costs. A hand out or a hand up? How can we better help those in need while providing more to them than just subsistence?