Collision! Free Speech and Religion

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Set of articles by Jacob Mchangama
The effect of laws, or their absence
- The Economist
Is There a Collision Between Free Speech and Religion?
- National Review
Does Freedom of Speech Conflict with Freedom of Religion?
- Cato Institute
Free speech isn't a threat to religion; it's a safeguard
- The Commentator
Interview with Jacob Mchangama
- Venn Institute
Does freedom of speech conflict with freedom of religion?
- My Christian Daily
New Documentary Released on Free Speech and Religion, Collision! by Jacob Mchangama
- Right Side News
Mchangama: Freedom Restricted Due to Religious "Sensitivities"
- Global Governance Watch
The global battle over free speech and religion on the Internet
- Fox News
Should religious or cultural sensibilities ever limit free expression?
- Church and State
Cooling Passions
- The Economist
The Repentant Radical
- The Daily Beast
The Opponents of Militant Islamism Are Often As Bigoted as Their Targets
- The Daily Beast