Collision! Free Speech and Religion

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"Hundreds of years after the principle of free speech was enshrined in Western civilization, that most basic value of the open society is now under attack by a combination of religious extremists and feckless European political leaders. Almost as appalling as the violence meted out against those who have dared to criticize religious fundamentalism has been the utterly craven response of so many politicians and intellectuals to these assaults on individual liberty. 'Collision' produced by Free To Choose Network and featuring Jacob Mchangama offers a much-needed and measured response to the creeping authoritarianism that undergirds 'hate speech' laws and other measures designed to chip away at our inalienable right to express ourselves as we wish."
- James Kirchick,
Journalist and Fellow with the Foundation for Defense of Democracies
"The film “Collision” produced by Free To Choose Network and written and presented by Jacob Mchangama, on the intricate problems around free speech is an absolute must for anyone interested in contemporary problems and the clash of ideologies. Anyone interested in the tension between radical religions and the principle of freedom of speech, freedom of thought and freedom of religion must see this film. Warmly recommended".
- Paul Cliteur,
professor of jurisprudence,
Leiden University and author of The Secular Outlook (2010)
Jacob Mchangama and the Free To Choose Network have pulled off an amazing feat: they have produced a cool and measured documentary on a subject of great controversy. “Collision” is a poignant defense of free speech, and has a remarkable ability to find the seam between the right to free speech, and the sensibilities of religious believers. A remarkable voice, a presence on camera that is at once soothing and committed to the freedom of ideas.
- Fouad Ajami
Senior Fellow,
The Hoover Institution,
author of The Dream Palace of the Arabs